fertilizerKern Turf Supply provides a realistic option for Bakersfield individuals who would love to have a beautiful lawn, but can’t realistically afford the maintenance that it requires. If you have pondered the idea of synthetic turf in your yard and have decided that it just isn’t for you, we get it. Even in the instance that you don’t want to make the big jump to synthetic grass we carry, we can still help you achieve a beautiful yard that you’re proud of by providing you with the supplies that you need to make it possible.

For starters, water is definitely going to be a part of this process, but it isn’t the only supply that you need to achieve a yard that you love. One of the supplies that often goes forgotten or is lacking in quality is fertilizer. At Kern Turf Supply, we only provide our clients with the fertilization that will help them achieve the lawn that they’ve been waiting for. While you may wonder what it is that separates the different types of fertilizers, you’d be surprised to know that it can be as little as the ratio of ingredients inside of the fertilizer that you buy that can determine the ultimate health of your lawn.

Here are the three ingredients that you will find in most fertilizers, and what it is that they provide when your lawn makes the most of these nutrients.


This particular ingredient of the fertilizer provides quite a bit to your yard. This will help stimulate growth at the root of the grass. Aside from that it allows for seeds, flowers and fruit to to flourish when they are planted in the same soil. One of the best parts of this ingredient is that it is long lasting and can have a greater impact on the soil even after it’s been added to your yard. In the case that your yard does not have enough phosphorous in the ground, it could experience a stunt in growth or a change in the color of leaves.


When it comes to having a yard that is full and beautiful, you need a fertilizer that is going to have enough nitrogen. Nitrogen is responsible for the beautiful grass blades that we all love to see and is also to blame for all of the lush and tender body that a beautiful lawn is made up of. It is entirely necessary for any foliage in the surrounding area, so if you have any shrubs, bushes or trees, having a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen is a great thing.


Potassium is another strong component when it comes to ingredients that are important. This particular ingredient can help maintain health in your yard. An abundance of potassium means that your yard will be able to fight against any disease, strengthen the physical grass, and provide strength. This one will allow for all of the physical beauty that your grass gains from the fertilizer and ensure that it can last through the change of seasons and different types of storms and changes that the water brings.

If you’re truly looking for a fertilizer that will provide nutrients and care for your lawn, you’ll find it when you work with Kern Turf Supply. We offer the highest quality of products and services when it comes to providing for your lawn, so you can count on our professionals to provide you with a great suggestion depending on what you’re hoping to achieve with your yard. Call our office today or come on in and have a member of our team help you out.