1. Tips for Fall Lawn Care

    We hate to break it to you—but summer is coming to a close, and cooler temperatures and rainy day are on the way. While California isn’t really known for its seasons, there are plenty of lawn care tips to keep in mind as we transition from summer to “winter.” In this blog, the Bakersfield landscape experts at Kern Turf Supply will give you few tips to keep your lawn looking green and lush …Read More

  2. Improving Your Curb Appeal

    Whether you’re lounging around on the beach or roaming around in the mountains, California is a beautiful state with beautiful landscapes. But it’s a beautiful state at the neighborhood level, too. Everywhere you go, it seems like neighborhoods are lush, clean-cut, and attractive—not a blade of grass of a driveway paver out of place. People in California are borderline obsessed with their fr…Read More

  3. The Best Uses For Synthetic Turf

    You might only think of artificial turf as a playing field in sports stadiums—but turf has its uses in a wide variety of settings. In this blog, the synthetic turf experts at Kern Turf Supply will help you imagine the possibilities of turf in residential and commercial spaces. Gyms What do you mean gyms? Yes, synthetic turf has made its way into gyms across the country. Why, you ask? Well, while…Read More

  4. The Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes

    While every season is lawn season in California, summer is a particularly great time to enjoy our beloved grass carpets. The objective is to have a lawn that’s fit for tender feet—in other words, a lawn that is lush, soft, and free of weeds and bald spots. But even when you try your hardest to be a lawn care expert, your lawn could be struggling. It’s not that you’re not doing enough to ke…Read More

  5. Taking Your Yard to The Next Level

    Your yard looks great—but something’s missing. It just doesn’t have those next-level landscaping touches that turn good yards into great yards. No need to worry—the Bakersfield landscape supply professionals at Kern Turf Supply are here to give you tips on finishing touches for your outdoor space—all of which are inexpensive and DIY-friendly. With minimal investment, you can have a stunn…Read More

  6. Benefits of a Sprinkler System

    Kern Turf Supply is Bakersfield’s landscape supply hub, with everything you need to keep your yard or commercial outdoor space looking healthy and beautiful all year long. Part of keeping your space healthy is keeping your grass, trees, and plants hydrated. But with so many things to do and so many places to go, watering the right amounts at the right times can be difficult and inconvenient. Luc…Read More

  7. Grass vs. Turf: The Rematch

    In one of our previous blog posts, the Bakersfield landscape supply experts at Kern Turf Supply moderated a battle royale for the ages: Grass vs. Turf. With no clear winner in this contest, a no-holds-barred rematch is in order. It’s old vs. new, and natural vs. artificial, and it’s a bare-knuckle brawl for a spot in your backyard—it’s Grass vs. Turf, in a fight the media have named “The…Read More

  8. The Finishing Touches for Your Outdoor Space

    As Bakersfield’s landscape supply experts, Kern Turf Supply knows what it takes to build an excellent infrastructure for a beautiful yard all year long. But what about the smaller, finer details that make a good landscape great? What things make for an enjoyable and usable outdoor space besides the basics? In this blog, we’ll discuss the bells and whistles of a great yard, and how you can inco…Read More

  9. Tools Every Aspiring Landscaper Needs

    The Bakersfield landscape supply experts at Kern Turf Supply are incredibly passionate about helping you with all of your landscaping and lawn care needs. That’s why we’re in the business of landscape supply: to give you the best tools and advice to make your outdoor space spectacular. If you’re going to become a master landscape or lawn care aficionado, you’ll need to equip yourself with …Read More

  10. Landscaping Heavyweight Showdown: Grass Vs. Turf

      As Bakersfield’s landscape supply experts, Kern Turf Supply understands that grass is the gold standard in ground coverings in our great nation. There’s nothing more tempting on a summer day than running your bare feet through a cool and cushy bed of good old, natural grass. However, synthetic turf is here to challenge the rule of natural grass with its low-maintenance nature and perpet…Read More