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Central Control Irrigation

This particular system within the irrigation industry provides programming, monitoring and operation with irrigation systems all in one central location. The ease of using a central location for so many tasks makes it incredibly easy to manage a large area or multiple irrigation systems. Kern Turf has worked with schools, commercial buildings and recreation agencies throughout Bakersfield California.

With so many systems to manage, irrigation and proper care for grass can be nearly impossible. Whether it leads to a lack of watering or flooding, your grass is going to need proper attention to thrive. With the help of a central controller for your irrigation system, you can rest assured that no portion of your grass goes uncared for.

If you manage a large area or have had difficulties with monitoring various irrigation systems, a central control system may be exactly what you need. Contact our team to see whether or not this is an option that would be beneficial to you.

You can also call Anthony Blanco to learn more about this method of water conservation at 661-664-5204.