How The Products at Kern Turf Supply Can Help Transform Your California Outdoor Living Space

Here in Southern California, we experience one of the best year-round climates in the United States. With almost constant sunshine, warm summers and mild winters, there is no better way to take advantage of being outside than by transforming your backyard into a more comfortable living space. Investing in your backyard can instantly boost your daily morale by giving you a calming place to kick back after work and gather with friends or family on the weekends. At Kern Turf Supply, we provide outdoor irrigation and landscape supply to businesses and residences alike to help them build the outdoor oasis that they’ve always had in mind. Here are some things you should consider before starting your backyard transformation. 

Have a Master Plan

Before starting your landscaping project, it is important to know the direction that you want it to go. Do you want an outdoor pond? How about a small garden? How big will your patio and outdoor kitchen space be? In many cases, it may work best to start from scratch by completely clearing out the section of your yard that you are going to transform. This resource will explore the different features that make a backyard oasis inviting, and it’s important to fully consider where each element will be located in your backyard and how they will compliment each other. If you are looking for a product or landscape solution that you are unsure if we offer, feel free to give us a call

Well-Kept Gardens

Whether it is a vegetable garden, formal flower garden, or a combination of both, a well-maintained garden can boost your serotonin levels and evoke feelings of joy and contentment when people gather around them. A wealth of lush, green colors is one of the most valuable features of any backyard. In addition, outdoor benches and seats can be hidden away in gardens abundant with shrubs, trees, and flowers, giving you a calming place to read a book or hang out with your lover. 

It is no secret that one of the most vital pieces of a healthy garden is proper hydration. This is where the experts from Kern Turf Supply can consult with you to recommend the proper irrigation systems and products to achieve those consistent rich green colors throughout your backyard. We offer drip irrigation products from Rain Bird that are perfect for keeping vegetable gardens well hydrated, as well as misting systems that can be used for flower gardens and shrubs throughout your property. When installing a backyard irrigation system, it is important to have an expert work with you to ensure that all of the elements work together in the most efficient way possible. 

Hardscape Design

Hardscape designs refers to the more permanent assets of your backyard that give your landscape a sense of permanence and are a great starting point to build around. Two common examples of this are walkways and stone walls. If you are hoping to achieve that welcoming backyard oasis vibe, a hardscape feature such as a walkway is essential. These help give the property a unified look and allow you and your visitors to explore the property without feeling like you are doing any damage to the property. 

When it comes to hardscape, Kern Turf Supply puts a heavy emphasis on erosion control. The products that we sell and install are designed to stabilize soil, sod, and plants along hillsides, channels, and banks. Erosion control might be something that you had not considered as a part of your initial design, but could come back to bite you later down the road. The last thing that you want after putting a lot of work into your landscape is for it to begin falling apart after the first big rain. Once you have decided which hardscape elements you want to add to your backyard oasis here in Kern County, be sure to consult one of our experts to ensure that they are being installed the proper way with the overall health of the entire yard in mind. 

Proper Lighting

If you are constructing a backyard living space, it’s likely that you have envisioned spring and summer nights spent outside in that area alongside your friends and family. If that’s the case, you should be certain to not neglect outdoor lighting as part of your landscape design. While these are often one of the final elements added to a backyard oasis, it is important to have them on your radar from the jump. These can include spotlights, floodlights, path lights, deck lights, step lights, and even pool lights. 

Kern Turf Supply proudly offers a diverse range of landscape lighting products, including Hunter FX Luminaire Line, Kichler Manufacturing Landscape Lighting, and Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. Each of these manufacturers has a great reputation for building high-quality, long lasting products. If you live near Bakersfield, Kern Turf Supply is proud to be your one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor lighting needs. Pick up your favorite lighting products from either of our two locations and have them installed the same day!


We’ve talked about gardens, hardscapes, and lighting elements, but we haven’t forgotten about the staple of your backyard— your lawn. While certain elements of your landscape design may take away from the square footage of your lawn, you should still plan for a certain percentage of your property to be covered with healthy grass or turf. Other than looking great, a healthy lawn can improve the soil structure of your yard, reduce noise pollution, trap stormwater runoff, and even keep you cooler during hot days. And if you have kids, it is a safe place for them to run around and play!

One of the easiest ways to quickly achieve a lush, healthy lawn is through proper fertilization. Luckily, the team here at Kern Turf Supply are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals when it comes to different types of fertilization for different types of sod. Our fertilizers promote healthy root growth in grass, flowers, and produce, and we can recommend which type is best for your needs and how often you should be applying it. We want to help you achieve a healthy, green lawn in no time at all! 

Consider Your Outdoor Kitchen

There are endless options when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. In fact, there are entire television series dedicated towards the construction of deluxe outdoor kitchen spaces, many of which turn out nicer than the majority of our indoor kitchens. If your budget does not allow for this kind of backyard kitchen build, Kern Turf Supply would be happy to help. While cooking and eating should be one of the focal points of your outdoor oasis, simple features can get the job done and provide great value to entertaining your guests. 

Kern Turf Supply is proud to be one of the only local suppliers of Bull and Evo BBQ grills, each of which offer a variety of portable and permanently installed grills and outdoor cooktops. If you want to see these grills first hand, and don’t have the time to wait around for one to be shipped to you, stop by one of our two storefronts today and start grilling in your backyard as soon as tonight!

Products From Kern Turf Supply

The team at Kern Turf Supply maintains the largest inventory of landscape and irrigation supplies in the San Joaquin Valley. Visit our products overview page to view our entire line of products, or stop in either of our Bakersfield locations to speak face-to-face with a representative about any of our different product options. We look forward to doing our part in helping you achieve the backyard oasis of your dreams!