Kern Turf Supply, Inc. understands that in order for us to succeed and prosper, we must develop mutually beneficial partnerships with our irrigation manufacturers, specifiers and architects, and most importantly with our customers. This page is presented in this spirit. Here, we are giving anyone who interacts with Kern Turf Supply, in whatever capacity, an opportunity to present their business web page through our site. Listing is not to be construed as an endorsement by Kern Turf Supply, Inc.
Use this page and the associated links to obtain specifications, submittals, and other useful information about organizations, landscaping materials, and irrigation systems that we consider our partners. Learn more about our team and if your company wishes to be included on this page please contact Kern Turf Supply here.

Irrigation Industry Organizations

Cal Poly

Irrigation Manufacturers

Rainbird C A B
Dura Plastic Products, Inc.
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