Kern Turf Supply, Inc. has worked with golf courses throughout Central California for quite sometime. In that time, we’ve been able to provide multiple golf courses with irrigation systems and solutions that allow for them to maintain their golf course image. Today, Kern Turf Supply, Inc. represents Rain Bird Golf as the best irrigation system for golf courses throughout Bakersfield and Central California.

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About Rain Bird Golf

Rain Bird Golf is well known for it’s ability to conserve energy and water in an instance where irrigation and proper watering is incredibly important. Many courses, both premier country clubs and public links have found that the Rain Bird Maxi Golf Central Control Irrigation System is the most effective method of irrigation that also provides them with energy and water efficiency. Aside from this, Rain Bird Golf has also proven to be extremely dependable compared to other systems on the market.

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If you or the course that you represent is in the market for an effective and efficient irrigation system, Kern Turf Supply, Inc. is the place to go. Our team is extremely knowledgeable on the different benefits of various irrigation systems, but what truly separates us are two members of our team – Steve Elcano, Anthony Blanco, and Shannon Sullivan – who are our Golf Sales Manager, President of Kern Turf Supply, and Sales Manager. All have plenty of experience and can point you in the right direction with your course specifically.

Feel free to contact our office today and have a member of our team direct you to one of these representatives that are so extremely experienced with golf irrigation systems. We look forward to helping you with your golf irrigation system.

Steve Elcano: , Office at 661-664-5213, or Cell at 661-978-5935

Shannon Sullivan (Inside Sales) at 661-664-5217