Bull BBQ bakersfield

Backyards are the ideal place to spend a summer. Between the green grass and fire pit nights, your backyard is a summer sanctuary. One of the best ways to spend your summers is with friends and family enjoying a delicious BBQ.

Kern Turf Supply Grills

If you’re looking to complete your perfect backyard landscape project with a BBQ, Kern Turf Supply can help. We represent the premier lines of Bull BBQ and Evo BBQ. Each of these manufacturers has a unique mix of products, providing you with the variety that you need to find the perfect BBQ to complete your backyard.

Grills are constructed differently, providing plenty of options and additives. This makes it pretty easy to really narrow down on what type of grill is going to be the best fit for you, your space and ultimately your cooking needs.

Your Grill Characteristics

If you don’t have a grounded idea on what you’re looking for in a grill, here are a few of the areas that we will ask you about in order to point you in the right direction.

  • Size
  • Grill Space
  • Brands
  • Heat Source
  • Thermal Unit
  • Accessories or Additions

If you’d like to get a look at a few of the BBQs that we offer, stop into our store in Bakersfield and we can provide you with guidance, catalogs and answers to any questions that you may have so that you find the BBQ that is exactly what you’re looking for. Call us today to schedule an appointment, or simply stop in and speak with a representative.