Unfortunately, the drip irrigation industry is a fragmented and diverse group of companies, each with their own area of expertise. In addition, many of the irrigation pipe, fitting, and emission devices available are incompatible. In response, Kern Turf Supply has concentrated on providing our customers with Rain Bird’s Xerigation line of drip irrigation systems. This line gives our customers the best performing and greatest selection of products available from a single source.

Water use is a growing concern for both home and business owners in Bakersfield and greater Southern California, and Kern Turf is passionate about providing high-quality products to drive efficient solutions. With many new technologies in the landscaping and irrigation industries, there are some concerns. Drip irrigation supplies consist of various parts and can require close monitoring to ensure the system is functioning properly and providing the maximum benefits.

When you work with our knowledgeable staff, we can help you decide which system fits your needs, we can discuss any concerns you may have, and can explore methods and techniques to ensure that the system is working as it should. Whichever system you choose, we want you to be completely satisfied.

Kern Turf Supply also maintains a large inventory of the very best irrigation system products from alternative manufacturers, such as Hunter, Agrifim, Salco, Roberts, Pepco, and Spot. Special orders are gladly accepted for those hard to find items.