Popular Fertilizers

Kern Turf Supply, Inc. offers a wide range of fertilizers to comply with the needs of our customers.

Turf Supreme

One of our most popular fertilizers is our “Turf Supreme” which is in demand year after year. We see that this fertilizer provides the best results in spring, early summer, and then again in early autumn.

Nitra King

Another product that we see in high demand annually is the Nitra King. This fertilizer, in particular, is ideal for the cooler seasons. We suggest waiting to use this fertilizer until late fall and throughout the winter.

These two fertilizers are well known for their efficiency in the Bakersfield and Central California climates. Aside from these two primary fertilizers, we also carry specialty and seasonal turf and planting fertilizers so that we can be prepared for each and every one of our customers’ needs.

Planting Supplies

Aside from fertilizers, Kern Turf Supply, Inc. also carries Live Earth planting mixes and mulches. These types of landscaping products are designed to improve the soil that is used in different areas and to mulch around trees, shrubs, and bushes. Mulching is an effective method to reduce the germination and presence of weeds. Mulching is also known to help conserve water.

Grass Seed

At Kern Turf Supply, Inc., you will find the highest quality of organic grass seed from Pennington. Fescues, Bermuda grass, and bluegrass seed is available year round. In the fall we stock large quantities of improved perennial ryegrass seed for our customers who choose to overseed dormant Bermuda grass lawns.

Quick Tips on Using Fertilizer

There’s a lot to know and understand about using fertilizers, so here are some quick and dirty tips to help ensure you’re using them correctly. If you have any questions about the type of fertilizer you need for your lawn or garden, please contact our landscape supply team. We’re more than happy to help and offer some guidance.

  • Apply the fertilizer evenly across the lawn. Read and follow the instructions on the bag.
  • If the soil is compacted, consider aerating the lawn to allow the nutrients to penetrate the soil.
  • For sandy or light soil that loses nutrients faster, fertilizer may need to be applied more frequently.
  • For clay-based or wet soils that release nutrients slowly, less fertilizer may be required.
  • The best time to fertilize a lawn or garden is before or during the growing season.
  • Again, be sure to use the right type of fertilizer.

If you are in need of high-quality seeds, fertilizer, or planting supplies, Kern Turf Supply, Inc. needs to be your first stop. Visit our store in Bakersfield today and let us help you find the right supplies for your yard.