ET-based, Climate-based, or “SMART” controllers are irrigation timers that intelligently apply water as needed to our landscapes. These devices direct the application of water based on current environmental conditions and the properties of the irrigated site such as soil type, solar orientation, slopes, irrigated plant material, and type of sprinklers used to disperse the irrigation water.

There are several manufacturers who produce “climate-based” controllers. For the home-style irrigation system Kern Turf Supply, Inc. currently sells the “climate-based” Rain Bird ESP Controllers with SMART Cartridges and the Irritrol Smart Dial controllers. Hunter Industries manufacturers the Solar Sync, a weather gathering component designed to modify new or existing Hunter controllers to become climate-based units. For large residential and commercial style irrigation systems we provide both Rain Bird and Hunter controllers.

Finally, the Rain Bird ET-Manager system is another “climate-based” product line. One product is designed primarily for Homeowner Association types of applications and the other product is a module available for the Rain Bird LX module style controller. Both Rain Bird products require a local signal service provider. Bakersfield, Lancaster/Palmdale, and Fresno now have the signal provided free by local governmental agencies.

Contact Kern Turf Supply, Inc to determine if your area has the ET Manager service at the present time.

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