Have You Considered Getting Climate Based Controllers?

These controllers are also known as SMART controllers or ET-based controllers, but what it really comes down to is their ability to intelligently apply water to a landscape as needed. These devices directly apply water based on the climate of your landscape, which varies throughout Bakersfield.

The climate based controllers will also take the current environmental conditions and what types of properties are on the irrigated site. The type of soil, solar orientation, slopes, irrigated plant material, and type of sprinklers will also play a part when it comes to dispersing irrigation water.

Leading Manufacturers of These Controllers

There are a few manufacturers that are well known for their climate-based controllers. For our climate based irrigation systems that are installed for private residencies, we use Rain Bird ESP with SMART cartridges product line and the Irritrol Smart Dial controllers. Another manufacturer that we use is Hunter Solar Sync which is a great product for both residential and commercial irrigation systems. This particular product will take an existing controller that is compatible and make it an ET-based controller.

There are a few other manufacturers and products that we offer here at Kern Turf Supply, Inc. If you are interested in using climate based controllers, talk with our team of experts and we can help you determine if ET-based irrigation controllers are approved in the area of Bakersfield that you live in.