Landscape with Great Lighting

The Importance of Proper Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever been to a house that looks gorgeous in the daytime, yet gruesome at night? A yard full of life, at least until the sun goes down? Without proper outdoor lighting, even the most pristine property can look like a haunted house on Halloween night. 

At Kern Turf Supply, we know how to maintain the elegance of your outdoor environment by implementing effective lighting products and layouts. In this post, we will help communicate the reasoning behind why you too should properly light your property.


Proper Lighting Helps Keep Your Home Safe

Many of the properties in Bakersfield and the surrounding Southern California area have great landscaping, but minimal lighting. Elegant landscaping provides many benefits for homeowners and the community, but also provides opportunities for potential threats to hide in the shadows. Without proper lighting, these potential threats feel no fear or insecurities when “trespassing” onto the property. These threats could potentially harm your landscape (invasive critters or pests), or there could be an immediate threat to the residents occupying the home. 

With proper lighting, the property will increase safety values so that your comfort in the night time matches the comfort felt all day.

Proper Lighting Keeps Your Landscape Functional

Let’s say you just got a fully upgraded turf landscape and anticipate utilizing the turf with family and friends. You have a barbeque, start a friendly game of backyard football, and the game is heating up. Little did you know that the fall sunset is fast on your trail, and the football is becoming more and more difficult to see. With the game tied, you decide to run one more play for the win. You see your friend taking off in a straight line to the end zone, and you rip a pass that has all of their attention. With their head in the sky at the spiraling ball, they do not see the trash can currently being used as an end zone marker. Your friend leaps from the turf, manages to get a hand on the ball, yet immediately topples over the obstacle. The x-rays come back, and your friend has a sprained wrist. They don’t sue you or blame you for the incident, but they do wish that the game had ended in a tie instead.

If your “competitive field” had the proper lighting situation, not only would the game have been able to continue without any hesitation, but the safety of those you care about would not have been compromised.


Proper Lighting Increases the Value of Your Home

Why stand in when you can stand out? Having proper outdoor lighting can be the difference maker between your house fitting in with the rest of them, or gaining that extra bit of curb appeal. Outdoor living space is becoming increasingly popular in Bakersfield, and California in general, with many homeowners desiring outdoor kitchens and lounging areas. These spaces are increasing property value on their own, but with thought out plans for lighting, the practical uses of these spaces are enhanced. Proper outdoor lighting will also ensure your house is visible to those passing by, and it will even cause some to turn their heads over it. This is especially beneficial when thinking about putting up a property for sale. The investment of proper lighting (both inside and out) can lead to an increased return on the property value. Your listing will stand out among other real estate listings, and will be desired by those who want a true stand out property.

Properly Light Up Your Property With Kern Turf Supply

Are you convinced that outdoor lighting will positively impact yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, and even the property itself? Look no further than Kern Turf Supply! We specialize in not only providing the best products related to true visual atmosphere, but our professional team will also dedicate themselves to helping you find the lighting fixtures and placements that work best with your property. Our two locations in Bakersfield has dedicated staff that aim to help you evolve your landscape into land-shape!

Feel free to browse our lighting products, our services, and never hesitate to contact us with any questions or issues!