There’s a common saying that goes “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

If you find yourself glaring in envy at your neighbor’s yard on a regular basis, this phrase might feel literal in your case. But what many forget that the grass that’s greener is often better cared for. While we could wax rhapsodic about the philosophy of your landscaping all day, that’s probably not why you’re here. Instead, you’re looking for real answers about how you can get your own grass to look as verdant and lush as the Jones’s.

Here at Kern Turf Supply, we’ve been providing irrigation supplies, fertilizer, and seeds to Bakersfield since 1958. As a result, we know a few things about keeping your lawn looking its best. So, does your yard need to be fertilized? Let’s take a look.

What Does Fertilizer Accomplish?

Just like our bodies need vitamins and nutrients to grow and thrive, so too does our lawn. You can think of fertilizer as a filling, nutritious meal for your grass. Fertilizers are packed with a unique blend of ingredients that are often tailored to the unique needs of your particular type of grass. Generally, you’ll find a mix of things like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, all of which help to promote the growth of your grass. 

How Often Should I Use Fertilizer?

Just like you have to eat throughout the day, you have to fertilize your lawn at points throughout the year in order to keep it healthy and strong.

When you fertilize your grass, depends on a few different factors. The climate of Southern California is fairly unique, meaning that you can grow both cool and warm weather varieties of grass. If you’re not sure which kind of grass you have in your yard, it’s fairly safe to say that you’ll want to use some fertilizer about four times a year. The landscaping specialists at Kern Turf Supply can also help you figure out which kind of grass you have in your yard.

We suggest scheduling this process at the end of the spring season, the end of summer, during the middle of fall, and at the end of winter. When you provide your grass with the nutrients it needs at these critical times of the year, the grass will flourish during the spring and summer months. 

How Much Fertilizer is Enough?

Much like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you need to find just the right amount of fertilizer for your home. Too much and you’ll fry your grass, leaving your yard looking brown and crispy. Too little and it won’t grow strong, resulting in a yard that looks a little wilted. Typically, we suggest that yards in Southern California get about four to six pounds of nitrogen fertilizer for every 1,000 square feet of yard every year. 

More than just how much to put down, you’ll also want to be strategic in where you put it. For instance, parts of your yard that gets lots of sun will need more fertilizer than grass that sits in shady areas. If you over-fertilize your shady areas, you’ll just get crispy fried grass. 

How do I Find the Right Fertilizer?

Short answer? Head over to Kern Turf Supply.

The long answer is that there’s no one perfect fertilizer. Just as there are a variety of grass types, there are a variety of fertilizers. You’ll want to get the fertilizer that’s specific to your yard and then work with our lawn care specialists to figure out which formula will yield the best results.

I’ve Fertilized My Grass. Now What?

Ultimately, using fertilizer on your yard regularly is just one part of a larger strategy of lawn care. If you want your yard to achieve that green carpet look, you’ll have to help it. Residents in Southern California know how hard-packed the soil can be. This makes it hard for seed, water, and fertilizer to get to the soil. 

One way to avoid this, and to help your grass grow healthy and strong is to aerate your yard. Aerating your yard allows the soils that might not get water, seed, and nutrients otherwise to get these precious resources. Simply put, aerating your lawn helps to renew your lawn. Not only that but aerating your yard can help you save money on your water bill. Aerated soil absorbs water more efficiently, and limits runoff and waste. Naturally, we suggest that you use a hand tool or motorized piece of equipment to aerate your yard before you put down fertilizer.

Find Irrigation Supplies, Fertilizer, and More in Bakersfield

If you’re looking to grow a lawn that’ll leave your neighbors green with envy, then it’s time to head over to Kern Turf Supply. We’ve been supplying homeowners in Bakersfield with the supplies they need to perfect their landscaping since 1958. Visit us today or reach out to ask about our other services.