1. Tips for Choosing a Sprinkler System and Heads

    Whether for your home lawn, commercial landscape, park, or golf course, there is a lot of information out there about sprinkler systems that will help you choose the right system and features for your needs. And because sprinkler systems and overall irrigation supplies can be an investment, it’s a good idea to know as much as you can before you make a purchase. Kern Turf Supply has a large selec…Read More

  2. Common Sprinkler Problems

    Whether you have an irrigation system for your golf course, home lawn, or a commercial business, there are certain problems that arise after years of use, wear and tear, or even when it isn’t installed correctly. At Kern Turf Supply, our irrigation supplies are sturdy, durable, and reliable. But even when things are going smoothly, there are a few common problems that you should watch out for. G…Read More

  3. Saving Water in Your Landscape

    There’s no question that plants need some amount of water, however small, to survive. While it does rain in Bakersfield, it’s not very often and not very much, making it that much more important to keep an eye on how much water you’re using to maintain your landscape. So if you do want to be water conscious in your landscape design, here are a few tips from the experts at Kern Turf Supply. O…Read More

  4. Drip Irrigation Advantages and Disadvantages

    When you’re living in Bakersfield and want to take care of your landscape, it comes down to being able to best water the space. Even with native plants, in such a hot, dry climate, it can be challenging to keep plants, shrubs, grass, and trees alive. So as you’re planning your landscape design, having a strong watering strategy will ensure that all of your time and money isn’t wasted. A comm…Read More

  5. Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips

    Even though it’s technically spring, it’s already getting pretty hot in Bakersfield and Central California. So before summer hits, it’s important to take care of some garden or lawn maintenance tasks. Even in the hot climate of California, many homeowners and business owners want to keep their lawn, golf course, or greenery as fresh and healthy as possible. Here are some tips from the expert…Read More

  6. Understanding All The Parts Of Your Sprinkler System

    You're getting a sprinkler system installed at your residence or the commercial property you manage. Congratulations! You’ve made a great investment that will increase the attractiveness of your property and help reduce irrigation costs. But how much do you really know about the technology that now exists on your property? Whether you plan on performing your own maintenance or rely on the irriga…Read More

  7. Is Something Wrong With My Sprinkler Controller?

    Many people are under the impression that installing an automatic sprinkler system means they never have to worry about watering their lawn again. It’s true that sprinkler technology takes a lot of the work of lawn maintenance off your plate. By allowing you to set a watering schedule, a sprinkler system helps eliminate the need for connecting hoses and dragging sprinkler attachments all over yo…Read More