When it comes to property value, there are dozens of things homeowners can do to increase the value. From paint jobs to updated appliances and countless other tasks, those who put value into their home will likely see it returned. 

One thing that homeowners often overlook, though, is the impact that landscaping has on property value. Landscaping is one of the first things that potential homebuyers will see upon pulling up to a house, and that first impression can make or break their thoughts on the rest of the house. Even for those not looking to sell their home, yard landscaping is a crucial part of the home that simply cannot be ignored.

In today’s post, we’ll break down six effortless ways to increase property value with landscaping. If you need help with landscape management, including irrigation repair, erosion control, yard fertilization, and more, Kern Turf Supply in Bakersfield is ready to help. Learn more about our landscaping tips below, then reach out to us to schedule your service!

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Have you ever pulled up to a beautiful home but couldn’t figure out why it felt off? The trim and siding are freshly painted, the front porch is welcoming, and there’s even a flourishing garden, but something isn’t right. Chances are the property is missing trees and shrubs. When a yard lacks adequate foliage, it can actually be distracting to potential homebuyers who are looking for some beautiful touches to their landscaping. 

It’s important not to go overboard and risk cluttering your landscape, but adding some trees and shrubs to an otherwise dormant landscape is an absolute must. Saucer Magnolias, Western Redbuds, and Catalina Cherry Trees are some of the best options to consider for your Carlsbad home.

Add Color

Implementing touches of color to your landscape is a foolproof way to catch the homebuyer’s attention. It’s also one of the easiest ways to improve your landscape, requiring no major construction projects. Adding color to your landscaping is best done through flowers and other blooming plants. 

If you already have, say, a Red Maple Tree planted in your front yard, choose plants and flowers that will coincide with its beautiful fall bloom. Also, make sure to add texture to your landscape design by selecting plants of various mature sizes, designs, and colors. 

Match Your Home

Think how odd it would look to pull up to a modern 21st century home that featured rustic wooden flower gardens and landscaping elements. Updated, sleek landscaping designs may not gel with a stucco house. 

It’s imperative to match your landscaping design to the overall design of your house. In doing so, potential homebuyers will enjoy the harmonious flow of property and home, making it seem all the more desirable. Cabin-style homes will benefit from wooden landscaping, just as plenty of ground foliage and shrubbery can enhance a bungalow. 

Consider Hardscaping

Hardscaping elements can take a home’s landscaping to the next level, adding stationary, functional spaces to your home. Updating existing hardscaping elements gives homebuyers an added sense of home while improving the overall appearance of the property. 

If your driveway is old and cracking, consider replacing it with a beautiful brick driveway. Front walkways are also a wonderful way to create cohesion between the yard and home, as they direct the homebuyer’s attention towards the house.

Update Furniture

What’s more appealing — a concrete slab with a couple old, debilitated chairs, or a welcoming front porch complete with outdoor sofas, chairs, and a porch swing? 

New patio furniture is a simple way to show homebuyers the potential of the space they are looking at. Even if your home doesn’t have a designated front porch, you can still make it more welcoming with the addition of outdoor seating components. When homebuyers see that the space is multi-dimensional even without a front porch, they are more likely to have a favorable impression of the landscape as a whole.

Maintain the Lawn

Even you follow every step above to a tee, neglecting the yard can cause irreparable damage to the value of your home. While it is fixable with new sod installation, that’s an extra step that homebuyers shouldn’t have to undergo. 

Simply put, a lush, green lawn is one of the most inviting things that a homebuyer could see. It conjures up fond memories and allows them to envision how they will be able to take advantage of the space. If you need help maintaining your lawn, our landscaping and irrigation experts at Kern Turf Supply are here to help with irrigation installation, repair, and more.

Creating a beautiful landscape doesn’t happen overnight. However, when you commit to your home landscaping, the benefits are plentiful. These foolproof landscaping ways are sure to add value to your home, so let your creative side run as you begin envisioning what your landscape will become. When you need a helping hand, the team at Kern Turf Supply in Bakersfield is always one call away!