Pieces of artificial grass

Yard maintenance is never easy, and that’s especially true here in Bakersfield. Between near-constant sun and strict watering regulations, simply keeping your lawn in presentable shape can be a struggle, both for you and your wallet.

If you’re looking for a way to remove many of those struggles, artificial grass installation may be perfect for you! Here at Kern Turf Supply, we’re proud to help residents in Bakersfield simplify their landscaping with artificial grass installation. Continue reading below to learn about the benefits of artificial grass, then contact us to partner with Bakersfield’s leaders in landscaping.

Reduce Maintenance

Trying to maintain a grass lawn is a cumbersome and never-ending process. From spring and fall fertilization to weekly mowings, lawn owners realize just how much work goes into creating a manicured lawn. When you switch to artificial grass, however, much of that maintenance goes away. Once installed, there are very few things you have to worry about. Say goodbye to mowing, weed picking, watering, and all of the other thankless tasks that go into creating a beautiful lawn.

Cut Costs

Depending on how big your yard is, watering costs can be astronomical, and that is especially true in a place like Bakersfield that receives so much direct sunlight on a consistent basis. Grass lawns typically always require at least one watering per day to maintain their rich, green appearance. Even on smaller lawns that only require a few minutes of watering daily, these costs add up quickly. Artificial grass requires no watering, saving you money while still giving the appearance of the healthiest, greenest lawn on the block.

Perfectly Green

Speaking of appearance, artificial grass allows you to have the greenest lawn on the block throughout the year. We’ve all seen that neighbor who spends hours maintaining their lawn every week just to have that one dead spot they can’t seem to fix. With artificial grass, that problem is solved! With no weed growth and a rich green color that lasts throughout the year, artificial grass provides the most beautiful lawn possible.


Not only are artificial grass lawns easier to maintain in the present, they also have great longevity. Here at Kern Turf Supply, we partner with the leading landscape supply manufacturers to ensure you receive products of the highest quality. After we install your artificial turf, you can enjoy years of your beautiful lawn with just some routine maintenance work. 

Eliminate Fertilizer

No matter how attentive someone is to their lawn’s watering schedule and maintenance, the truth is that it will never reach its full potential without fertilization. Not only does this add even more maintenance to your yard-care routine, it can also be dangerous for pets and children who come in constant contact with the chemicals. Remove these dangers by installing an artificial grass lawn!

Kern Turf Supply didn’t become Bakersfield’s leaders in landscaping overnight. Since 1958, we’ve been committed to delivering results of uncompromising quality to our community, and we can’t wait to partner with you! When you’re ready to experience these benefits of artificial grass for yourself, give us a call to get started!