Smart irrigation systems are changing the way we landscape. It is no secret that in recent years, American consumers have turned to “smart” devices. After the popularity of the smartphone skyrocketed, we found a way to put “smart” in front of nearly everything, ranging from smartwatches to smart doorbells. The same trend is beginning to follow the landscaping industry.

Automated sprinkler systems have been around for a long time, but they are now smarter than ever. Smart irrigation systems will save you much more money in the long run than most other smart devices. If you reside in southern California, here are some reasons you should consider using Kern Turf Supply to revamp your irrigation system. 

Work Around The Weather

The coolest feature of most smart irrigation systems is their ability to use weather reports to determine how much moisture your yard needs. We have all come home to find our sprinkler system running during the middle of a rainstorm. How frustrating! When a smart irrigation system detects a heavy storm coming in the near future, it can change the watering schedule without you ever having to take any course of action. Weather-based systems analyze four categories- temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity. This provides the most accurate reading of your landscape’s watering needs. 

Soil Moisture Sensors 

Equally as helpful as built-in weather sensors are modern soil-moisture sensors. These sensors are installed near the base of trees or shrubs and actually transmit a reading of the moisture level of the soil to the irrigation system controller. Many modern systems have users input a lower and upper moisture threshold, and the irrigation system waters accordingly. Anything above the upper threshold will result in your irrigation system pausing service to conserve water while still ensuring that your yard is looking green!

Reduce Water Waste

Studies by the International Center for Water Technology at Fresno State have shown that smart irrigation controllers can save up to 20% more water when compared to traditional irrigation systems. This number is likely even higher, due to technology such as the two features that we have already discussed. In many areas of the country, consumers pay more for water each month than they do for electricity, and the bulk of that water is being used outside of their home. You might also be surprised to hear that more landscapes are ruined due to overwatering than they are for being under-watered. We can all work together to help conserve water, and smart irrigation systems are a great place to start! 

Avoid Fines

In 2014, it became a law in California that Homeowners Associations could not penalize homeowners for not watering their lawn during a drought. However, there are HOAs and government regulations that can lead to fines being administered for watering your lawn too much. Modern irrigation technology allows you to know exactly how much water you are using on your landscape and can update the amount of water you are using depending on your lawn’s needs, without you ever having to do anything. 

Irrigation Systems With Kern Turf Supply

A smart irrigation system gives you even further control of your landscape and peace of mind that you are treating your yard in the most up-to-date and cost-effective way. The price of water is rising every year—  modern products and services can help you be a more environmentally conscious consumer and save money at the same time. To explore irrigation system options for the Bakersfield area, give Kern Turf Supply a call, and we can recommend the best system for your property!