Synthetic turf is prized by home and business owners alike for its rugged nature, ease of maintenance, and pleasing appearance. But while it is durable, it isn’t impervious to damage, and there are a few things that can quickly damage your turf. Here at Kern Turf Supply, we’ve seen more than our fair share of beat up artificial turf. To ensure that you take good care of your landscaping, we’ve outlined the most common ways to damage your artificial turf.


Just like most surfaces in your home, chemicals can have a pronounced impact on the appearance and integrity of your turf. In particular, paint and paint thinners, or solvents can work their way through the fibers and infill and into the backing of the turf itself. This could cause the turf to lift up from the ground, become discolored, or even melt in some cases. All of these chemicals can make it difficult to pull up these damaged sections and replace them with patches.

Intense Heat

There’s no denying that it can get warm here in Bakersfield. Plastics, in general, don’t respond well to intense heat. But rather than catching fire and burning, the plastic polymers in your synthetic turf will instead melt and deform. The source of the heat can be any number of things. For instance, backyard grilling is a fun summertime activity, but it can wreak havoc on your turf. Similarly, ash from cigarettes and cigars can melt your turf. Generally, you’ll notice heat-related damage only in the area where a hot ash landed, but in some cases, light reflected off windows or other surfaces can concentrate the heat on your turf, melting an entire patch.

Uneven Surfaces

This isn’t damage per se, but is quite inconvenient. After a few months of rigorous use, you might notice a slight wavy feeling when you walk across your synthetic turf. This is likely because the infill within the fibers has been displaced and collected elsewhere. You’ll have small piles of infill built up in the least used areas of your turf, while the highest use areas will be devoid of it. It makes your turf look bare and thin, and makes them more susceptible to damage from UV light and shoes.

Sharp Objects

Perhaps the most obvious way to damage your artificial turf is through cutting or tearing it. Garden tools like rakes, shovels, and trowels can cut through the backing of your turf, which can lift it from the ground, leaving snags and torn turf everywhere. For backyard cooking enthusiasts, a dropped kitchen knife, or even a mishandled spatula can take a chunk out of your synthetic turf. When working in your garden or cooking outside, it’s best to keep your sharp objects away from your turf. if you can’t avoid it. Just set them down gently on the surface. Similarly, if you have lawn decorations that need to be impaled into the lawn to stand up, find an alternative way to place them.  

Affordable Artificial Turf in Bakersfield

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