For the most part, your synthetic lawn will stand up to the rigors of day-to-day use. Are kids playing soccer in the yard? No problem. Rambunctious dogs sprinting back and forth? Ok. But on occasion or with undue wear and tear, you might notice a damaged spot in your yard. It could be an errant coal from the grill, or someone struck the turf with a sharp object. 

While a damaged spot in your synthetic lawn might be unsightly, it’s not hard to repair. Of course, the easiest way to repair your artificial turf in Bakersfield is simply to call us, but if you’re more of the DIY-type, you can repair your own by following this simple guide.

Replacing is Easier Than Repair

The fastest and most effective way to repair your turf is to just replace the damaged section. 

Step 1:

Cut away a portion of the damaged section of the turf and check its gauges. The gauges of your turf are the rows of tufts and fibers. The gauges run specific directions, so you want to make sure the fibers are oriented in the same direction.

Step 2:

Remove the infill from the area around the damaged section. The best way to do this is to use a shop vacuum. This exposes the damage and makes the rest of the process cleaner and faster.

Step 3:

Look at the damaged area, and cut an irregular border around it. Remove the damaged section and use it as a template for the new replacement piece. Cutting an irregular shape, as opposed to a shape like a square will help the replacement patch look more natural in the turf. 

Step 4:

With the damaged portion removed, cut out a piece of seaming tape, and roll it into a tubular shape. Push the tape up and under the surrounding turf. Unroll the tape and secure it with some small nails or push pins. Be generous with your use of the tape, as it’s key for creating a stable surface for the synthetic turf.

Step 5:

Before you apply the adhesive to the face of the tape, clear your work area by pulling the surrounding fibers away from your workspace. You can tack them in place using something like painters tape. From there, evenly apply the adhesive across the surface of the tape and also on the back of your replacement turf patch.

Step 6:

Place your replacement patch onto the adhesive covered tape. You can shift the patch around slightly to ensure the adhesive has coated both the bottom of the patch and the tape fully. Gently remove the tape, then place a 50-pound weight on the replacement patch. We recommend leaving the weight in place overnight so the adhesive can fully cure.

The next day, you can groom the area with scissors to blend the patch in with the surrounding synthetic turf. Once it’s to your liking, just replace the infill and apply it evenly.

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