At Kern Turf Supply in Bakersfield, we love a good patch of natural grass just as much as the next Californian. That’s why we offer the best in landscape supplies. However, our name is Kern TURF Supply (emphasis on TURF), so we do realize that synthetic turf is an equally awesome option for your outdoor space—and we have the synthetic turf supplies to prove it.

Sorry, natural grass enthusiasts—we’re not trying to start a turf war here. But let us make our case as to why synthetic turf might be superior to natural grass for some people in some circumstances.

You don’t have to water synthetic turf.

Yes, it’s true, and very, very obvious. synthetic turf looks green and healthy without any water at all. And in the sunny, parched state of California, synthetic turf could be a great way to keep our Bakersfield yards looking beautiful and luscious, without consuming all that water.

You don’t have to mow synthetic turf.

Once again, a no-brainer. synthetic turf is incredibly low-maintenance, so you can roll that crusty lawnmower back into the shed—or even better, sell it and use the money to buy a brand new BBQ grill.

Synthetic turf doesn’t have recurring maintenance costs.

With synthetic turf, you won’t have to spend money on water, gas for your mower, fertilizer, or pesticides. Although synthetic turf is more expensive up front, it’ll pay for itself over a few years. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your synthetic turf developing bald spots, weeds, or anything else that can potentially waste your time or money.

Kern Turf Supply sells top-tier turf.

Whether you’re fixing up your backyard or laying down a sports field, Kern Turf Supply has synthetic turf that will save you time, money, and frustration. Our synthetic turf products from Easy Turf and Smart Turf are the best in the industry, leaving you with a stunning, lay-it-and-leave-it ground cover solution for years to come. Purchase some turf for your home turf, and reap the benefits today!