We hate to break it to you—but summer is coming to a close, and cooler temperatures and rainy day are on the way. While California isn’t really known for its seasons, there are plenty of lawn care tips to keep in mind as we transition from summer to “winter.”

In this blog, the Bakersfield landscape experts at Kern Turf Supply will give you few tips to keep your lawn looking green and lush through the fall, and crucial steps to take to ensure your lawn is spring ready.

Don’t stop mowing.

Even as temperatures lower a bit, it’s still going to be pretty hot in the fall in Bakersfield. Keep mowing and watering as needed throughout the fall in order to maintain grass blade growth and soil moisture. Once temperatures drop a bit, raise your mower’s blade by a half-inch or so. This will promote deeper root growth, and will provide your lawn’s root system with added insulation as winter weather sets in. Decrease your watering as temperatures lower as well. The colder it gets, the slower your grass will grow, so giving your lawn less water won’t hurt.

Aerate your soil.

Most people only aerate in the spring—but the fall is another great time to aerate in order to deliver oxygen, water, and fertilizer to your lawn’s root system. This will give your lawn the nutrients and overall support it needs to stay healthy during the winter months.

You have quite a few options when it comes to aerating your lawn—you can rent a self-propelling aerator from your local hardware store for about $75 per day, or purchase a manual aerator for anywhere between $50 and $200 and keep your lawn aerated and healthy for years to come.

Don’t forget to rake.

Next to cleaning your microwave and pulling weeds, raking leaves in your yard is one of the most tedious and unenjoyable household chores. However, it’s incredibly important for the health of your lawn as it heads into winter. This is not a task that can wait—letting leaves sit on your lawn will allow them to become soggy and crinkled, creating a solid and impenetrable layer that can prevent moisture, nutrients, and sunlight from entering your lawn, and promote the spread of fungal diseases.

Remove those leaves from your lawn as soon as possible—grab a rake yourself, or pay those middle school boys down the street 40 bucks each to take care of them for you. Whatever the case, removing leaves from your lawn sooner rather than later will help it succeed in winter and grow lush and strong in the spring.

Do some bald spot repair.

Not those bald spots. The fall is the best time to repair your lawn’s bald spots because you allow them to heal in winter so they’re ready for the following spring and summer (this is true for Californians, anyway). Head to your local lawn care store and buy yourself an all-in-one lawn repair mixture. These mixtures have grass seed, quick-starter lawn fertilizer, and a healthy dose of organic mulch to round things out.

To apply this mixture, rake up the bald spot area to expose some soft and moist soil below, then spread a liberal amount of lawn repair on the spot. Pat the whole thing down to compact it, give it a sprinkle of water, and water the spot every other day for a few weeks until your see the bald spot filling in. At this point, all you can do is wait for spring to spring.

Get your weeds under control.

It’s best to take care of weeds when they are at their weakest—so hit them hard when temperatures begin to drop so they don’t have a chance to reappear in the spring. In the fall, weeds are busy absorbing energy to prepare themselves for winter—they’ll aggressively soak up water, nutrients, and of course, weed killers in the process.

Find yourself an herbicide at the landscape supply store, and apply it to infected areas to make sure your lawn is weed-free for the spring and summer season.

Talk to the Bakersfield landscape supply team.

If you have any questions about how to manage your lawn from fall to spring, stop by Kern Turf Supply and talk to one of our lawn care professionals. We’re happy you help you find the right products and solutions for your lawn, and give you the knowledge and insights you need for a lawn that’s healthy and beautiful all year long. Get started with Kern Turf Supply today!