In our previous blog, the Bakersfield landscape supply team at Kern Turf Supply gave you a few tips for managing your lawn in the autumn months—after all, winter is coming. In this blog, we’ll branch out from lawns and take a look at other parts of your yard, giving you a checklist of tasks to complete before that “chilly” California winter sets in.

Clean, weed, and fertilize your garden areas.

Especially in the latter months, fall landscaping is all about preparing for the spring so your garden can get a hot and healthy start once temperatures warm up. Clean out your garden area, remove any weeds, and give your soil a turn or two—your soil will be stiff and difficult to turn if you wait until the spring. Finally, cover your garden beds with some organic fertilizer for a nutrient boost that will propel your garden’s soil through the winter and into the spring.

Spread some mulch.

Even in California, your garden could be subject to the occasional freeze, which can dry out your soil and stunt its nutrient intake. Keep moisture in and the cold out by putting a layer of mulch (leaves, straw, or pine bark mulch) over the top of your fertilizer—this will help your soil retain moisture, and will weigh down your fertilizer a bit to make sure it doesn’t get blown away by a rogue Cali breeze. Mulch around your trees and bushes as well—this will prevent them from freezing in case California gets uncharacteristically chilly for a day or two.

Give your plants a trim.

Fall is a great time to give some of your plants a proverbial haircut so they grow out nicely in the spring. Trim and shape your trees, bushes and other plants like hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendrons so they’re as beautiful as they are healthy when spring rolls around.

Take care of your tools.

It’s been a fantastic summer of landscaping and gardening, and that’s something to be proud of. But when winter comes around, it’s best that you take a look at your gardening tools and machines to see which of them need a little love and maintenance. Fall is a great time to clean your shovels, sharpen your shears (and mower blades), and clean or organize your garden space. When spring comes back, you’ll have perfectly functional and clean tools at your disposal, and you’ll thank your past self for taking the time to keep things in good shape.

Talk to the Bakersfield landscape supply team.

If you have any questions about how to manage your garden, yard, and tools from fall to spring, stop by Kern Turf Supply and talk to one of our landscaping professionals. We’re happy to help you find the right products and solutions for your yard, and give you the knowledge and insights you need for a better landscape. Plus, our convenient landscaping store locations can help you find what you need, wherever you are in the area. Get started with Kern Turf Supply today!