Building the perfect yard for your home is a labor of love, and when it comes to landscaping, it can be easy to get lost in the details. Do you put this flower next to this tree? Is this the right shade of mulch? How much fertilizer does your grass need? But one detail that’s often overlooked is edging for your lawn. While many forget to edge their yards, it’s likely because they don’t recognize the value it has to offer their landscaping. 

At Kern Turf Supply, we’re all about helping our customers create compelling landscaping that connects them with their outdoor spaces. More than just landscape supplies, we offer our customers in Bakersfield tips, tricks, and insights into caring for their yards. Today, let’s take a look at the value that edging has to offer.

What is Edging Your Yard?

Lawns that have been edged have clear, clean lines that differentiate features like grass and flower beds, sidewalks, and other yard features. Essentially, edging just puts a clear vertical cut in the grass that creates a visual and practical distinction between two landscaping elements. 

Why You Should Edge Your Landscaping

While edging your yard might be something you forget often, it’s something you immediately notice when you see it. It immediately enhances the visual appeal of your yard and adds a sense of cleanliness and order to it. More than just aesthetics, however, edging your yard actually goes a long way in keeping it healthy.

It Mitigates Maintenance

When it comes to edging, a little bit of effort goes a long way. The fact is, you don’t have to edge your landscaping elements every time you work on your yard. Realistically, it only needs to be done every few months. You can get away with seasonal edging work and enjoy the benefits for the next few months. 

Edged features also make it easier to identify where weeds are growing. Plus, it’s easier to irrigate and fertilize a yard that’s been edged. For instance, you won’t have to worry as much about specialized fertilizers spreading to more delicate plants when there’s a barrier there. A well-edged yard is a well-maintained one that looks nicer longer. 

Keep Your Features Distinct

After edging your landscaping, you’ll find that you’re doing less yard cleaning. By creating a literal barrier between your landscaping features, your plants won’t be able to crawl into each other’s space and grow unchecked. Some plants and flowers are notorious for spreading their roots into other beds. This can damage the plants there, or prevent them from blooming or bearing fruit. When you edge the separate sections of the yard, each bed or area is given the opportunity to grow fully.

It Just Looks Nice

It’s important to recognize that you put effort into your landscaping to achieve a certain visual effect. Even if your lawn is perfectly cut, fertilized properly, and is free from any stray leaves or clippings, it won’t quite look complete until it’s been edged. 

Good looking grass goes a long way in improving the value of your home too. If you caught our blog on the importance of landscaping, you’ll know that potential homebuyers have more favorable opinions about homes that have attractive and well-maintained landscaping. It makes sense. If the seller paid attention to little things like edging the yard, it stands to reason that they cared for the interior of the home to the same degree. 

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