As Bakersfield’s landscape supply experts, Kern Turf Supply knows what it takes to build an excellent infrastructure for a beautiful yard all year long. But what about the smaller, finer details that make a good landscape great? What things make for an enjoyable and usable outdoor space besides the basics?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the bells and whistles of a great yard, and how you can incorporate them into your home. Even with a small budget and limited space, there are plenty of ways in which you can transform your yard before the summer season begins!

A Climate-based Controller

To have a stunning outdoor space, your plants need water at the right times, in the right weather situations, and most importantly, in the right quantities. Climate-based water control systems take the stress of timely and effective watering out of your hands, giving you one less thing to think about as you maintain your yard. These systems apply water to your landscape as needed, and take the plant materials, soil type, land gradient, and sun position into account to make sure every bit of water is being put to good use.

Whether you desire a climate-based controller system for your own home or a commercial space, Kern Turf Supply can help. Talk with our team to see what kind of climate-based controller system is right for you and your property.

Bird Food

Birds bring an unrivaled beauty and liveliness to an outdoor space, so why not give birds an incentive to hang out in your yard? To support avian life of all kinds in your yard, you’ll need some beautiful bird perches that fit with the look of your outdoor space, and bird feeders that house some healthy bird food.

The benefits of birds in your yard go well beyond the comforting chirping noises. Bird droppings make an excellent fertilizer when they land on your plants or lawn, and some birds can help your plants reproduce by spreading pollen. Also, there’s nothing like a few birds to keep pests like grubs, beetles, and mice at bay.


If you’re hoping to enjoy your outdoor space well past the daylight hours, then you’ll need some high quality outdoor landscape lighting. These lights will provide safety and security, allowing people to easily navigate from your yard to your home, and the added light will create a warm ambiance as the sun sets on your home.

We recommend purchasing two types of lights for your outdoor space: ground-based lighting for pathways so people can see where they are walking, and overhead lighting that paints your yard in soft, welcoming light without being too bright or overbearing (we know you love to see some stars from time to time). And while we’re on the subject of lighting, don’t forget to buy a fire pit to top it all off.

A Misting System

California summers can be scorching, especially here in Bakersfield—but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on some backyard relaxation when the temperatures rise. Misting systems can provide your backyard patio space with a cool, refreshing mist that can keep you cool, even in the hottest hours of the day.

A BBQ Grill

Some backyard activities are best left for broad daylight, like a killer summer backyard BBQ party—and in order to impress your friends and neighbors in your BBQ escapades, you’ll need a top-notch BBQ grill setup. First, let the team at Kern Turf Supply help you pick out the perfect grill for your culinary desires. Then, hook yourself up with some quality, BBQ grilling accessories like tongs, a spatula, some sharp knives, fireproof gloves, and a mean grillmaster apron. Finally, buy the meats, cook the meats, eat the meats, and pass around the beverages. This is what fulfilling the potential of your yard looks like.

Talk to the Professionals!

For more ideas on how to add more bells and whistles to your backyard, stop by and talk to the staffers at Kern Turf Supply! We’re happy to help you brainstorm on ways to improve your outdoor space, and we’ll have all the supplies you’ll need to turn your landscape dreams into a reality. Get started with Kern Turf Supply today!