If you’ve been a resident of Bakersfield for a while, or even if you are just now moving to the area, then you have an idea of just how difficult it is to maintain a beautiful yard. At Kern Turf Supply, we do anything that we can to make having a beautiful lawn, possible. From the high quality landscape supply that we offer to the various techniques and care tips that we provide you with in our blog, we are truly working hard to provide the Bakersfield area with everything they need.

One of the things that we feel we need to draw focus on this month is the weather. While California never really experiences the change of seasons, at least not the same way as certain states do, there is a change in the seasons and that calls for different types of lawn care. Since temperatures are beginning to drop and winter is starting to set in, we are going to cover a few of the things that you can do during the winter season that will help your lawn flourish.

Look Forward to Spring

Each season is an opportunity to prepare for the season that comes. For most of us, winter is the time where we are least active with our lawn care, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Winter can serve as a time to start preparing for what spring will bring to your yard. Understanding what your yard is accustomed to during the spring can help you better prepare. Do you usually have brown patches due to a lack of watering? Is it difficult to weed because of an abundance of brush or weeds? Know your yard so that you can start to better plan for spring. Getting even the slightest bit of work done now will provide you with a much smoother spring.

Take the Time to Make Additions

One of the worst parts about maintaining a beautiful yard in California is how hot the warmer months can get. Once temperatures are breaking into the 90’s, the last thing that you want to do is spend hours outside working on your yard. If you are planning on making a big change to your yard, like removing trees, switching out your grass for some gravel or are looking to add in a sprinkler or misting system, then the cooler are months are when to do so. Not only are the months cooler which makes working in your yard much more enjoyable, but this is also a time where very few people are actively thinking about what their yard looks like, which also means that any type of landscaping based business is going to be more readily available for scheduling services or the like. Take advantage of this time to get some of the projects that are unpleasant in the summer, done.

cali2Analyze Your Irrigation

Winter in California is the perfect time to really allow for your yard to flourish. Since your yard isn’t dying from the heat and we will occasionally see a storm to provide some more affordable forms of water, this is truly the time to care for your yard. Start your irrigation schedule at a time where fungal growth won’t happen. This means doing it in the early morning, so that fungus that likes dark and wet environments, can’t grow. Also, take into consideration how often you’re watering during the times where there are storms. If you are continuing your irrigation even when there has been a storm recently, you may put over water your lawn, and while that sounds like something that could never happen here in Bakersfield, the chances of overwatering become much higher when your lawn isn’t accustomed to receiving so much moisture in the first place.

Don’t let the winter months be a time where you stop caring about your yard. Kern Turf Supply can provide you with the quality landscaping services that you need to have a lawn that looks beautiful. Whether you’re considering having a synthetic lawn put in or you are wondering about what it would cost to install a misting system, our team can provide you with high quality materials at an efficient rate. Start looking over your lawn and let us know what we can do to help you gain a lawn that you love.