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As a landscape supply business, there’s nothing we love more than a lush and healthy patch of grass. It’s the foundation of every great outdoor space—a place to soak up the California sun, run around with your friends and family, hold amazing summer BBQs, and relax after a long day at work.

But even with reasonable temperatures and humidity, growing the perfect lawn is easier said than done. It takes knowledge, hard work, and patience (did we mention patience?) to acquire the lawn of your dreams.

That’s where Kern Turf Supply can help. This blog is the penultimate guide to California lawn care, taking you through the seeding, growing, mowing, and seasonal maintenance of your lawn to achieve the greenest grass possible.  

Step 1: Find The Seed You Need

If you’re starting a lawn from scratch, you need the right grass seed for your climate, your desired level of maintenance, and your level of traffic. Kern Turf offers top-quality grass seed that’s perfect for California weather.


Fescue grass is one of the most popular types of grass in the United States because of its ability to remain green throughout the winter months (especially during California “winters”), and its knack for staying lush and green even when exposed to a large volume of foot traffic.

However, fescue grass is prone to sun damage in the form of brown and “bald” spots, and it needs a lot of water to stay healthy when the temperature heats up. While this is only a minor issue as far as California goes, it’s still important to use fescue grass in areas with partial shade from houses or trees for the healthiest and greenest grass possible.


Bermudagrass is America’s choice for sports fields, parks, and playgrounds because of its ability to withstand heat and direct sunlight. It grows in many different types of soil, and is quite economical—so if you have a large plot of land that needs grass, this could be an excellent choice. While bermudagrass doesn’t need as much water as other types of grass, it does need to sip on some water weekly to stay green and healthy.


Bluegrass is an aesthetically pleasing, turf-forming type of grass that is excellent for home lawns and areas that need erosion control plants. It has a stunning blue-green hue and exceptional durability—bluegrass handles foot traffic and resists disease with ease.

Bluegrass is the gold standard for beauty and durability, and only has one downside: it grows extremely fast. If you choose this type of grass, you better have your lawnmower at the ready.

Step 2: Plant Your Seed

To properly plant grass in your yard, you’ll need to till, or break up, the top 2-3 inches of soil so your grass seed is able to mingle with some healthy soil below the surface. Don’t go too crazy with tilling—small clumps of soil are preferred to a finely ground soil. Then, use a rake or your hands to remove bits of debris from the soil that could impede in the growing process.

Once your soil is prepped and ready to go, spread your seed evenly by hand, or by using a mechanical seeder, keeping your seed population around 16 seeds per square inch. Going overboard on seeding by putting too many seeds in an area is bad for your wallet and your lawn; you’ll have to buy more seeds to fully seed your lawn, and the seeds in your soil will exert too much effort competing for nutrients, which can create brown, bald, and dead patches throughout your lawn.

Step 3: Top Dress Your Seed

In order for your grass to grow effectively, you’ll need to protect your growing seeds with a layer of peat or mulch. Using a peat spreader or laying mulch by hand will prevent your seed from being tossed around by the wind, and will help it retain moisture throughout the growing process.

Step 4: WAIT.

*Cue Jeopardy Music*

This part is as boring as… watching grass grow. Don’t forget to water your seeds during this period—and water often.


Step 5: Feed Your Grass

Congratulations! After patiently waiting for what seems like an eternity, your tiny baby seeds have grown into fully-functioning adult blades of grass—and it’s all because of your incredible grass parenting skills.  Pat yourself on the back, and get to feeding your new lawn—and the soil that holds your lawn together.

Your soil is the lifeblood of your lawn, providing it with structural support and essential nutrients. That means you need to keep your soil healthy in order for your lawn to succeed. Kern Turf Supply offers a number of fertilizer products such as Turf Supreme and Nitra King, so your lawn can feast upon the nutrients of the fertilizer, grow healthy and strong heading into peak growing season, and maintain its healthy form heading into the cooler parts of the year.

In most cases, it’s best to fertilize your lawn in the mid to late spring, and once again in early fall before temperatures dip. Before spreading fertilizer in the spring, use an aerating machine to open up holes in your topsoil, allowing for nutrients to easily enter into your lawn’s root system for ideal nutrient absorption.

Step 6: Know How to Mow

Before whipping out your lawnmower, do some research on the best techniques and mowing lengths for your type of grass. Then maintain a constant mowing schedule to keep your lawn looking polished.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Lawn!

One of the most egregious and perverse crimes in all of humanity is growing a beautiful lawn—and not taking time to enjoy it. Grab your shades, a cold beverage, a good book, and some burgers for the BBQ grill so you can make the most of your lavish lawn.

Step 8: Choose Kern Turf Supply

For all of your landscape supply and lawn care needs, choose Kern Turf Supply. Our professional staff members will help you turn your dreams of a luxurious lawn into a reality by providing you with the best materials and lawn care products, expert advice and insights, and friendliness and and professionalism that makes every trip to our Bakersfield lawn care center easy and fun. Don’t wait, your grass won’t grow on its own. Contact Kern Turf Supply today!