Whether you’re worried about erosion due to rain, a nearby river, or your irrigation system, it is a concern that many homeowners and business owners have, even in Bakersfield. If you’re seeing exposed roots in your garden beds or soil that is sliding into your driveway, it could be a sign of runoff or erosion of the topsoil. But you often don’t see these signs in your own yard, they occur down the road, or wherever the water is traveling. So how can you prevent landscape erosion and protect your plants and yard?

The expert team at Kern Turf Supply has a range of methods to best prevent erosion from happening in your yard. Get in touch with us today for professional advice and landscape supplies.

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Use a Rain Barrel

There are several options when it comes to water catchment systems, so if you don’t love the look of rain barrels, there are other systems. When it does rain in Bakersfield, you want to contain as much of it as possible, as well as prevent it from going where you don’t want it. If you live on a slope, or if you want to protect a newly planted garden bed, keep some sort of water containment system to prevent water from getting in the way of your design.

Plant Trees or Shrubs

A great choice for any landscape, trees and shrubbery serve several purposes. When planted near a slope or shoreline, they can reduce the effects of rainfall, wind, and overwatering by around 50 percent. The roots of these plants will also help to stabilize the soil by drinking excess water. If you can, try planting a shrub that will crawl along the surface instead of vertically.


Mulch can be made of tree bark, decaying leaves, or compost and this landscape supply also serves several purposes in your yard. When combined with fertilizer, the material can help absorb water. With mulch, it can minimize the impact of rain on the area. Mulch can also help increase the pH balance of the soil and prevent weeds from growing in your garden beds. Be sure to regularly add a layer of mulch to the area to keep the soil from eroding.

Landscape Supply BakersfieldMatting

This landscaping supply can be used in various places throughout your landscape and is a material that is commonly made of wood, straw, or coconut fibers. When the material is placed in a garden bed, it will help soak up any excess water. And don’t worry about it ruining the aesthetics of the design, plants will grow through the mat and it can be cut to fit any size.

Build a Terrace or a Retaining Wall

If you have ever seen puddles in your lawn, it’s caused by excess water being pushed up to the surface. With a terrace or retaining wall, it can prevent water runoff and contain the water exactly where you want it — near garden beds.

Erosion often occurs along hillsides, channels, and garden beds. If your commercial or residential landscape is suffering from erosion, get in touch with Kern Turf Supply. Our landscape supplies can help create a beautiful and effective design.