If you drive around Bakersfield, there’s a good chance you will see lawns, golf courses, and businesses with lush green grass. Unfortunately, these lawns require a considerable amount of water to maintain that fresh, bright green look. At Kern Turf Supply, we believe that everyone should do their best to support the environment and regulate, monitor, and potentially reduce the amount of water that is used for landscaping. But this may be an uphill battle.

In fact, according to a NASA-funded study, there is an estimated 163,812 km² of turf grass in the U.S. This is around 63,000 miles and includes residential, commercial, and institutional lawns, parks, golf courses, and athletic fields. This adds up to around 1.9 percent of the total area within the U.S. It may not sound like a lot, however, the EPA estimates that one-third of Americans’ water usage goes toward landscaping. So how can we limit the amount of water being used?

One of the many ways to help limit the amount of water being used in your lawn or business is to consider growing a type of grass that is drought tolerant. If you’re new to the world of landscaping and water management, it may be surprising that there are various types of grasses to choose from, but this is exactly why we love doing our job at Kern Turf Supply. If you’re looking for a new grass, synthetic turf, or other landscape supplies, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Landscape Supply BakersfieldDrought-Tolerant Grasses

Zoysia Grass

This is a great grass found in Southern California as well as states from Texas to Florida. The grass will tolerate shade and traffic and will adapt to several different types of soil, including sandy, acidic, and alkaline. Zoysia grass does well in dry climates because it has a deep root system that allows it to pull necessary water from deep in the ground. The trick with this type of grass is to maintain proper drainage.

Bermuda Grass

Perfect for Southern California, this grass does well in full sun and high temperatures. Bermuda grass is also great for high traffic areas and will withstand drought with proper drainage and sun. After low temperatures, the grass may start to turn brown; however, the grass recovers well, making it a great option for golf courses and athletic fields. To prevent this type of grass from spreading into the garden, be sure to install edging.

St. Augustine Grass

This perennial grass does well in pastures and lawns along the coast. It can be grown in all types of soil if they drain well. This grass is perfect for the Kern County area, which is a garden zone between 7b and 10a, so the grass will withstand high heat and sun. If you have trees in your lawn, St. Augustine grass is also great for shaded areas. The downside to this type of grass is that it does not withstand foot traffic.

Landscape Supply BakersfieldBuffalo Grass

A warm-season grass, buffalo grass does well with little fertilizer, water, and mowing. However, without any irrigation, the grass will turn brown. Possibly the best part of this grass is that the root system grows to around six to eight feet deep, so you can get by with using ¼” of water each week. The grass is shade intolerant, so use this type only if you have a full sun area.

Bahia Grass

Found in the southeast and Southern California, Bahia grass is drought, disease, and insect resistant, can be grown in a variety of soils (except high pH soils), and will withstand traffic. With the right fertilizer, the color is a dark green, but is typically a light green and it may yellow in the spring and fall. If you are concerned about erosion in your grassy area, this type may be perfect as it grows runners to help stabilize the soil.

Fescue Grass

A low-maintenance grass, Fescue doesn’t need to be fertilized or even mowed regularly. Incredibly drought resistant, this type of grass is one of the most common in Southern California because of its ability to absorb water. It does well in both sunny or partially shaded areas and handles moderate traffic. It’s best to avoid this type of grass, however, if you own a pet — the grass won’t live after being exposed to urine.

If you’re looking to landscape supplies, artificial turf, or irrigation systems, contact the team at Kern Turf Supply. We know the Southern California climate can be intimidating, but we have a water-efficient solution for you and your lawn.