Sprinkler and irrigation systems can be quite an investment for homeowners and business owners alike, so it’s important to understand the best ways of ensuring that they are efficient. At Kern Turf Supply, we provide Bakersfield, CA with high-quality Rain Bird pump packages, misting systems, climate based controllers, central control irrigation products, and more. We are passionate about water conservation and education so that every business and home has a lawn that is well cared for and beautiful looking.

As a nation, we could do much better to protect irrigation water from being wasted on runoff and to make sure that the water that is being used is targeted toward areas it needs to go. With the experienced technicians at Kern Turf, we can provide residents of Bakersfield with quality and efficient products. To ensure that the products are used efficiently, here are some tips.

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Irrigation Controllers

Irrigation technology allows everyone from farm managers to homeowners to control the water that is being used by zone and by season. Depending on the different soil in a certain area, the amount of sun or shade it’s getting, and the different vegetation that is planted, users can control the amounts of water that is used. Because each type of soil, plant, and area may require differing amounts of water, controllers can prevent one area from being overwatered and another area from being underwatered. This can have significant cost and water savings.

Smart Controllers

Taking it a step further, smart controllers will actually take live information from local weather stations and adjust the amount of water being used based on how much rainfall that has occurred. When the controller knows that there were two inches of rain the day before, moisture sensors will relay that the soil doesn’t need to be watered again. And the controller will water the area again when the soil is dry. Other factors can also play a part in when the area is watered, including the type of soil, solar orientation, slopes, plant material, and the type of sprinklers.

High-Efficiency Nozzles

These are especially useful for golf courses and homeowner’s lawns. These nozzles are built to reduce the amount of water that is lost to wind drift and will work to apply the water evenly across the landscape. Without efficient nozzles, water will be sprayed in whichever direction the nozzle points, regardless of the wind.

Irrigation BakersfieldDrip Irrigation

Evaporation and runoff account for a significant amount of water loss, which can be controlled in part with drip irrigation systems. Replacing traditional systems will help target where the water is dispersed. Rather than sending the water down a narrow path through a field, drip irrigation allows water to be directed straight at the plant roots. Drip irrigation products can include micro-spray jets, sprinklers, and bubbler irrigation and can be used for garden beds, trees, shrubs, and more.

Check Valves

Irrigation systems oftentimes have several check valves that turn on and off to either stop or start the flow of water in certain areas. When these valves aren’t functioning properly or efficiently, it can cause significant water loss. Regularly inspect and replace the valves when there are signs that water is leaking from these areas.

Check For Leaks and Water Pressure

Similarly to check valves, leaks can also result in significant water loss. Regularly inspect the irrigation pipes and various components of the system for leaks and repair them as quickly as possible. Low water pressure is a common sign of leaks in the system. High pressure can also be a sign of a problem and can result in overwater and water loss.

These are a few of the best methods for ensuring that your irrigation and sprinkler systems are efficient. When the systems are as efficient as possible, homeowners and business owners can enjoy the benefits of cost and water savings. If you’re looking for high-quality irrigation supplies in Bakersfield, get in touch with the experts at Kern Turf Supply. We have the knowledge, resources, and the products to education customers on best practices for water use.