Although we are a few months out of Memorial Day, there is never a bad time to think about purchasing a new BBQ grill in Bakersfield. If you’re craving a well-cooked steak or grilled chicken don’t wait for a warm summer night to fire up the grill. Whether you are building out an outdoor kitchen and making your first significant grill purchase or upgrading an older gas grill, this article will point out some factors to look for. 

Types of BBQ Grills

Before we look at the details of gas grills, it is important to understand the differences in grills and heating techniques. 

Charcoal Grills

The biggest advantage that charcoal grills boast is that they are significantly more affordable than gas grills. Think twenty-to-forty dollars cheap, compared to the thousands that could be dished out on a gas grill. They can also be very portable. Loyal charcoal users will tell you that one of the biggest advantages of using charcoal is that the smoke from the grill gives the meat a better flavor than an electric or gas grill. Disadvantages include a long startup time required for the coals to heat up, as well as a messier clean up afterward, and the potential to get ashes in your food. 

If you need a last-minute alternative for a weekend BBQ or camping trip, charcoal grills are a cost-effective option, but will likely take a couple of uses to master. If you’re more interested in investing in a long-term, reliable grill, read further to learn about gas grills. 

Electric Grills

Electric Grills are a cheaper alternative to gas grills but lack the authentic quality taste and flavor that you would get from a charcoal or gas grill. The advantage of an electric grill is that it can be small and portable and used inside or outside. With an electric grill, you are unable to really control the temperature or sear foods. They are the least popular grill option. 

Gas Grills

The most popular type of grill, and what this article will primarily focus on, is the gas grill. These ignite with the use of gas or liquid propane and can be hooked up directly to a natural gas line from your home or to a propane tank. Gas grills are the polishing touch on a beautiful backyard patio or kitchen! A huge benefit of gas grills over charcoal is that they immediately fire up, so there is no time spent waiting for the grill to get hot enough to cook. With gas grills, you also have the ability to control the temperature, which can enable you to cook meat to perfection on one side of the grill while preparing veggies at a different heat on the other side of the grill. 

It should also be noted that over time, gas fuel will likely be cheaper than repeatedly buying charcoal. 

Gas BBQ grills provide consumers with many options when it comes to additional bells and whistles, which are discussed below. The main hesitation people have with purchasing a gas grill is the price tag. If you are interested in viewing different models and discussing price ranges, stop by our store! Our line of grills from Bull BBQ & Evo BBQ is sure to provide you with a perfect fit for your outdoor kitchen. 

Features to Consider

Grill Size

Arguably the biggest factor to take into consideration when purchasing a gas grill is the size. How big is your family? Will you be having large parties? What will you primarily be cooking? Answering these questions will help you determine how many square inches your grill should be. Starting somewhere in the 400-500 square inch range will fit the needs of most people. 

Burners and Heat 

When it comes to burners, we recommend having more than two. This will enable you to cook different items at different heats so that everything finishes at the same time. Trying to crowd the grill on a two-burner grill can make it difficult to flip items and tell how well things are cooking. 

Larger foods cooked on a grill are typically heated better with “indirect heat,” meaning that they are not placed directly over the flame. 

The heat that gas grills give off is measured in BTU, or British Thermal Units. Don’t necessarily go for the highest rated BTU grill. BTU can be a deceiving number, as different components of the grill should be taken into account to determine the actual heat that the grill is giving off. If you have questions about BTU, stop by our store and our staff can recommend a grill that fits your needs.

Grill Jackets 

Grill jackets are an essential accessory if you are purchasing a grill that will be built directly into an outdoor kitchen, especially if your kitchen island is constructed with combustible materials. 

Side Burners

An under-utilized grill accessory that can save a lot of back and forth trips to the kitchen is a side burner. With a side burner, you can boil, simmer, or fry sides while your main dish is cooking on the grill. If you think you might want a side grill, it is better to decide during the initial purchase of your grill to ensure that it fits in the overall design of your outdoor space. 

Smoker Boxes

For those that love the added flavor, a charcoal grill gives from smoke, consider picking a gas grill with a built-in smoker box. These boxes are metal trays inside a grill that you can fill with wood chips. They can be purchased as separate accessories as well. 

Rotisserie Burners

An added frill that many grill lovers can’t live without is rotisserie burners. These are a feature that should typically be decided upon during the initial purchase of the grill as they are harder to add on afterward. 


If you think you’ll be grilling after dark, spending a bit more on internal lighting will be a huge payoff. There’s no worse feeling than bringing a piece of meat in from the grill and realizing it is much more well done than you thought when you were cooking it in the dark. Using a headlamp or phone flashlight can be annoying, so as you narrow down your grill selection, check out the lighting options. 


The longest-lasting grills have a grill body and frame made from stainless steel. These grills also offer the greatest heat retention, especially when the hood is double-lined. They will stand up to the elements and require minimal maintenance over the years.


You will feel much better about a new grill purchase if you know that it comes with a lifetime warranty. If a component breaks, you don’t want to spend even more money on fixing it. Whether you purchase an outdoor grill from Kern Turf Supply or another provider, make sure to ask about warranty options. 


At Kern Turf Supply, we strive to make backyards a place that homeowners love laying their eyes on and hanging out in! BBQ grills are a key component of backyard life, and our selection of Bull BBQ and EVO BBQ grills are sure to provide an option that is a great fit for your home. Give us a call and we can discuss grill options!