Whether you have an irrigation system for your golf course, home lawn, or a commercial business, there are certain problems that arise after years of use, wear and tear, or even when it isn’t installed correctly. At Kern Turf Supply, our irrigation supplies are sturdy, durable, and reliable. But even when things are going smoothly, there are a few common problems that you should watch out for.

Generally, when a problem occurs with an irrigation system, it has to do with either the sprinkler head, the main and/or lateral line, or the control valves. When there is an issue with any of these elements, it will cause excess water to leak out of the system, resulting in higher costs and more importantly, water loss. This leaking water also causes runoff, which will also affect the quality of the landscaping. If you aren’t sure what is wrong with the system, but you are experiencing higher costs or can actually see water leaking, get in touch with Kern Turf Supply for professional advice for proper sprinkler repair projects.

Irrigation Supplies BakersfieldMost Common Sprinkler Problems

Misaligned Sprinkler Equipment

The ground is a moving thing, especially when there is water, foot traffic, and natural compaction involved. Over time, these factors will cause your sprinkler heads to settle and tilt. This will cause the heads to work improperly and the water to be sprayed unevenly, leading to runoff and brown spots in your lawn.

Mixed Equipment

If you’re using a rotor head and a fixed spray head in the same area, you’re watering the areas inefficiently. Because spray heads are meant to put out more water than rotor heads, and they have different water pressures, this will result in one area getting too much water and another not getting enough.

Blocked Heads

This is when something is physically blocking the water from the sprinkler head, such as a rock or bush. This could occur due to the vegetation in the area being overgrown, if there was a change to the landscape and not the sprinkler system, or if the heads weren’t installed in the right location. This will cause the water to be uneven.

No Check Valves

A check valve will ensure that water in the lateral line doesn’t flow from the head after the water is shut off. Check valves also ensure that the water starts right away when the system is on. Without a check valve, there could be significant water loss and runoff.

Incorrect Spray Pattern

When your sprinkler system is spraying too far or the arc of the water is too high, it will result in watering an area that doesn’t need to be. This is typically caused by equipment that has begun to tilt or that was installed in the wrong place. If you see that part of the driveway on your landscape is being watered, it’s time to make the necessary repairs.

Irrigation Supplies BakersfieldClogged Nozzle

This is when an object or debris (dirt, sand, roots, plastic, etc.) are actually stuck inside the sprinkler head. This will result in an uneven spray of water.

Low or High Pressure

As you can imagine, high or low pressure will result in uneven watering. When the water pressure is too high, you will see misting from the heads. When pressure is too low, water will not reach the desired area and could be a sign of an underground leak.

Poor Spacing

When the heads are spaced either too close together or too far apart, this will cause uneven watering and brown spots. If you need an irrigation supply expert to give advice on the best placement, contact Kern Turf Supply.

Irrigation does create beautiful landscapes, but there are plenty of issues that could arise. Kern Turf Supply, Inc. offers professional grade irrigation supplies that will help increase efficiency and help save water.